This is a drawing I did tonight of me around, let’s say, middle school. Looking at it now, the only thing that might be off is that I was allowed to wear sneakers in middle school (not so in high school!), and I didn’t start wearing contacts till, like, halfway through high school. So I guess I should have drawn glasses. Perhaps I’ll update it tomorrow. [EDIT: Updated!]

About that yarmulke! I had an awesome yarmulke that I wore off-and-on growing up. (To clarify, I always wore a yarmulke – but I had many different ones over the course of my 18 yarmulke-wearing years.) The one pictured was made by a relative of mine when I was in preschool or kindergarten – some second cousin once removed or something – and it featured glow-in-the-dark planets, stars, and my name in neon green! It was freakin’ awesome! I still have it. : D

I’ve been thinking lately that tapping into my Orthodox Jewish upbringing would probably provide rich fodder for comic strips. That led to my drawing this particular pic. Maybe in the near future, we’ll see some strips about little Lonnie! : )