In-flight movies! You can watch a few if you’re on a 5 hour flight and you don’t sleep! : D Unfortunately, not all my selections were amazing. :\

By the time I finished watching the Iceland tourism/documentary feature, I couldn’t WAIT to land and start going to all the places featured! Perhaps it’s just because Reykjavik is so small (compared to, say, NYC where I’m from), but many of the sites/restaurants in the film were places I’d already been planning on checking out. There were also many cool places I didn’t know about, that I decided to add to my list.

My flight took off at 8 pm, and was due to arrive around 6:45 AM, if I remember correctly – but we ended up getting in early, at 6! I knew my day would include a lot of coffee, so that I could stay awake until a reasonable bed time, and see as much of Reykjavik as I could manage before passing out. : )