Bonus weekend update!

While I was in Iceland, I bought this pretty mug, which says “I don’t speak Icelandic.” Well, I’ve been taking Icelandic classes for a month or two now, and I realized that it should instead say “I speak a LITTLE Icelandic.” So I illustrated my idea of how I’d cross out the “ekki” (“no”) and replace it with “smá” (“a little). I don’t think I could bring myself to do it to the actual mug, though. lol

Sad epilogue: the handle broke off recently. : ( I re-attached it with krazy glue, but now I’m too afraid to continue using it, lest the krazy glue not hold. :\

PS I added this to my Society 6, so if you’d like to order a print and get free shipping (today only!), use this link: Society 6