For a few days before my trip, I tried desperately to find some place local to get Icelandic Kronur (their currency). I’d waited too long, so there wasn’t enough time for my bank to order some from whatever shadowy processing unit that has access to ALL the currencies,  and get it to me before I left. Luckily, a coworker was all like, “just withdraw money from an ATM, you’ll get charged like $5 and be done.” Well, I looked into it, and it turns out that that is exactly my bank’s policy! No extra exchange fee on top of that, just five bucks.

So after I exited all the restricted areas like the gates, baggage claim, etc, I realized I needed to get some cash, and that there should be an ATM around there somewhere. I saw a big blue ATM-looking box, but everything, including the on-screen menu, was in Icelandic, and I didn’t see any familiar bank/credit card logos (nor did I see any logos that looked to me particularly like a bank or credit card logo).

I ended up walking over to a nearby shop employee to ask if it was, in fact, an ATM that I’d found. >_>;