Mmmm, skyr…. delicious. I cannot tell you how satisfying that peach and raspberry skyr was after a 5 hour flight. And the packaging was so cool! It came with a little collapsed transformer-style spoon.  There’s actually a company here in NY that makes Icelandic-style skyr, called Siggi’s – people seem to like it a lot, but the two drawbacks for me are 1) I find it more tart than the skyr I had in Iceland (not a huge fan of very tart yogurts), and it’s kind of expensive. It’s the sort of thing you don’t often find outside of Whole Foods-type stores.

The brand I had when I was in Iceland is called, and I’ve heard you can actually find it here in some places. I’ll let you know if I do. 😮 I had skyr a few times while I was there, and I remember it being less tart than Siggi’s. Anyway! Good times.