After getting my luggage, getting some money from an ATM, and having a snack, I figured I should find the “FlyBus” I was supposed to take to the hotel. I added a two-way ticket for the FlyBus to my trip package when I booked it, not really knowing how far the airport was from my hotel. Turns out, kind of far! So I’m glad I came prepared. : )

Since we got in very early (6 am), and sunrise in Iceland in December isn’t until about 11 am, it was super dark outside while we rode to Reykjavik. The bus was fairly empty, but there were people getting dropped off at a few different locations. Since it was the holiday season, there were christmas decorations on most of the houses and buildings we passed, and since it was an Icelandic winter, there was plenty of snow. It was a very beautiful introduction to the country. : D