You guys! You guys. I went back to Whole Foods, and it turns out that THEY DO IN FACT stock the Icelandic brand of skyr yogurt,, a brand I tried when I was in Iceland.

I’ve performed a taste test, and it’s certainly less tart than Siggi’s – my memory was accurate. However, the plain flavor IS a bit tart for my taste. It’s the varieties made with fruit that I really enjoy. (For the record, I purchased strawberry, blueberry, vanilla, and plain varieties from Whole Foods… just to be safe.)

A one Smári Ásmundsson, CEO and founder of Smári Organics, a company which also makes Icelandic skyr, commented on my facebook page that you can find his brand of skyr in NYC as well! He very helpfully left a link to do so, so I will hopefully at some point get a chance to seek out some Smári skyr and let you know how I feel about it, compared to Siggi’s and

Anyway, look forward to another regular update this Monday! And I’ll probably post about this mid-week, but just FYI, if you’re in the NYC area, you should come see me at MoCCA Fest! I’ll be tabling there again this year, and this time, assuming they got our table assignments right, I’ll be sharing a table with my good friend, Lucy Knisley. And on that note, her new book Relish is coming out VERY soon, and you should all be INCREDIBLY EXCITED to consume it. I know I am. In fact, I might not be able to talk to anyone at MoCCA because I’ll be busy reading Relish.  o_o