After I finally made it up to my room, despite no longer being all that early in the morning, it was still pitch black outside. In December in Iceland, the sun rises around 11 am.

When I entered the room, the TV was on, and it said “Welcome, Lonnie!” which I thought was adorable.

As I wrote in the comic, the room smelled great. The bed was also super comfy, so between the two, laying in bed felt like being on a huge marshmallow. It was delightful.

I ended up deciding to just pay for the internet on my iPad, so that I could look up walking directions¬† on google maps from my hotel to various places on my to-go list, and take screen shots that I could reference the directions on the go. Brilliant, I know! Thank you, I’m very clever.

I must admit, after being awake on a plane all night, it was pretty tough not to just go to sleep, but I made it!