After trekking across Icelandic sidewalks, crosswalks, and other sorts of walks, I arrived at the Hilton Reykjavik Nordica, in which the restaurant Vox is located. I got there about 15 minutes early for my 11:30 AM brunch reservation. I’m not sure if I was aware when I booked it, but that was the same time the restaurant opens! At least, on Sundays. So I was incredibly punctual – nay, early. Side note, “nay” is the Icelandic word for “no,” so you’ve got a head start, anglophones. Except they spell it “nei,” so you’ve got a headstart, anglophones who know how to properly transliterate Japanese sounds. Anyhoo.

While I was waiting in the lobby outside the restaurant before it opened, I found a beautifully illustrated children’s book called The Yule Lads sitting on a coffee table. It’s about, shockingly, Iceland’s Yule Lads, which is what they call the 13 Santa Clauses. “13 Santa Clauses??”you ask? Yeah, 13 Santa Clauses, read a book! Oh, might I suggest The Yule Lads, illustrated by Brian Pilkington? I think it would answer your question pretty thoroughly, actually. Glad you asked.

Anyway, after flipping through the book, checking my email, and warming up after my long walk, it was quickly 11:30! Oh boy, was I hungry and ready for brunch. I was quickly sat and on my way to the table, I observed several rows of delicacies spread out along multiple tables. Holy moley.