It appears that some people had the BRILLIANT idea of taking on the Strip Search elimination challenges on their own for fun. This is now a thing that you can find people doing and uploading on twitter.

Let me back up for a minute, actually. Strip Search is a currently ongoing online reality web series. It’s like America’s Next Top Model (et al), except it’s more like, America’s Next Top Web Cartoonist. It was a stretch goal in Penny Arcade‘s kickstarter last year, which attempted to raise enough money to make the site ad-free for the following year. In addition, they had loads of cool projects they wanted to do, which they’d take on as various donation levels were reached. One such project was the aforementioned show, which I don’t think they technically reach the stretch goal for, but they got pretty darn close, so they decided to do it anyway.

Right! So, it’s a totally awesome series (which I may have applied to be on…), and I highly recommend it. At the end of each day, two contestants face an elimination challenge, in which they both have 90 minutes to create a comic based on the combination of two random concepts or ideas, such as space, ping-pong, the future, and so on.

Back to the point of this post: people have taken it upon themselves to do the challenge at home for funsies. Awesome! I did so myself, and the result appears above. The two concepts from this elimination challenge were “mermaids” and “ukulele”. I set my phone’s timer for 90 minutes and started jotting down notes! I almost didn’t do it, because concept after concept was just rubbish. But then I landed on one that I thought might make a halfway decent cartoon, and I ran with it. I think it’s prettttty okay, considering the circumstances.

It was rough, though! 90 minutes is definitely challenging. I usually spend a LOT more time. I didn’t get to put in backgrounds, do hand-lettering, or use color. And panel 4 is somewhere between sketch and final ink.. not as cleaned up as the first couple panels.. but it was a fun activity. : ) I didn’t clean it up or anything, so you could see it as it looked when my timer started beeping.