All said and done, I got up to get food a total of 4 (FOUR!) times. As you may recall, I had this meal mid-day after not sleeping at all the night before (I was on a plane, and really freaking excited about going to Iceland)! So several cups of coffee were had at brunch. The cups of coffee are not pictured above, but they were quite nice, I assure you. : )

Now, there were many foods that I simply didn’t have room for – various kinds of meat, mostly. I tried to take a little bit of a LOT of different things, so that I could taste as many types of food as possible. When in other situations where this strategy is possible, it is my preferred method of eating. : )

I wrote in my journal, “Amazing! Decadent! Fantastic!” That about sums it up, actually. But if I had to go into more detail, the various fishes (pickled and otherwise) in various sauces (creamy and otherwise) were probably the best parts. They were so flavorful, and had such delightful textures. Vox is dedicated to what they call New Nordic Cuisine. The basic gist of it is a focus on using fresh, high quality, local ingredients in thoughtful ways. And I must say, the difference shows!

The various olive-y dips I had were so tasty on the nice brown bread. The eggs benedict were so much more than that. The purple jam I put on little bruschetta-style slices of bread was tart and sweet and just perfectly balanced. The brownie with whipped cream was very hard not to get seconds of. And the skyr white chocolate mousse was just… heavenly. Lastly, I got to try a unique Icelandic flatbread called laufabrauĂ° (pronounced “loy-vuh-broyth”). I’m super happy I went in December, because they’re only made during the christmas season! It’s just dumb luck that I was around for them. They’re crunchy, buttery flatbreads with various criss-cross patterns of gaps in them, forming fun designs.

All the other food I didn’t specifically mention was delicious, but not mind-blowing. : P