On my way to the downtown shopping/eating area of Reykjavik, I stopped by Hlemmur Station, a central stop for the Strætó (the Icelandic bus system – pronounced “str-eye-toe”) going to/from my hotel, and also around to different parts of town. Kind of a hub, really. I think something like 15 different bus routes stop there. Anyway, I picked up a 3-day bus pass to make it easier to get to/from my hotel, and around town. Woo, independence in a foreign country!

After I left the station with my bus pass, and a couple map/route thingies, I stopped at a convenience store across the street (not pictured in the comic) called 10-11. I wanted to see what the product selection looked like compared to America. I found a lot of the same brands (Coca-Cola, Doritos chips, Colgate toothpaste, etc), as well as many European brands (like the Polish candy bar, Prince Polo, for example), and what I’m assuming included unique Icelandic brands too. I didn’t get anything, since I was still pretty full from brunch.

Upon exiting the 10-11, as I continued towards downtown Reykjavik, I noticed the Icelandic Phallological Museum! I was planning on visiting at some point, but I didn’t realize I’d be passing it right then. So I went in! Find out more in the next comic, this Friday. : )