Here’s a little comic I did about the anatomy of type. Sources sometimes conflict as to proper nomenclature (e.g. neck vs link), and there are many more names for little parts of letters that I didn’t include (e.g. crotch! That would have been fun to illustrate.), but this is a nice little sample.

Speaking of typography, I used to have have an awesome wall decal of the Periodic Table of Typefaces up on a wall of my bedroom in my last apartment. It was AMAZEBALLS! Unfortunately, you can’t put ’em back up once you take it down, so I had to throw it away once I moved. But I’m considering getting another for my new apartment. Hmm..

One of the inspirations for this comic was my current desktop background, Font Anatomy, which is a really lovely (an educational!) design. Edutainment!

Another recent discovery of mine on the typography front (the typographront?) is a fantastic blog where lost (and then found) shopping lists are turned into beautiful typographical treats: it’s called Shopping Losts.

That’s it for today. Enjoy!