Oh, hello. Did you know that last Friday was the 30th Thoughts From Iceland strip? Yeah, that’s pretty cool! ::pats self on back::

Oh right, the comic. I got this book of cartoons mostly about dark and/or pervy subjects called Popular Hits 2, by (it would seem) Iceland’s one cartoonist: Hugleikur Dagsson. I’d compare his work to Cyanide & Happiness. It was for my friend Lucy! She likes comics.

The chocolate I bought, which was indeed quite good, was Síríus Konsum. Mmm… chocolate.

Oh, last thing: “takk” is pronounced like “tock,” as in “tick-tock” : D

UPDATE: Hugleikur very kindly shared my comic on his fb page! Takk, Hugleikur! And welcome, any new visitors! Takk fyrir að lesa! : D