So, jet lag’s a thing. A thing that kept me up for a couple hours in the middle of the night. Sigh.

I went back to bed at 6:30, and I’d set the TV’s “wake-up” call (just an alarm, actually) for 7. So, I changed it to 7:30 to get another hour of sleep, but apparently 7:30 actually means “start waking me up at 7:15, so that I will certainly be awake by 7:30.” I didn’t know Icelandic TV alarm clocks were so neurotic. Or existed. You learn something new every day!

The full text in the background of panel 1 has to do with various things I was planning on doing in the morning, and here it is in case you’re curious:

I’ve gotta be back here to get picked up for the glacier-hiking tour group by like 11 or 12, so I could probably go to that bakery I saw and get a kleina for breakfast, and then I could go buy a charger at the hardware store too, if I’m already in town..

A kleina (pronounced clay-nah) is an old-fashioned Icelandic donut-type pastry item. They’re so lovely with a cup of coffee. I was told about them by a coworker who’d visited Iceland a few months before me, who recommended I have a kleina while I was there. Since I’d earlier noticed a nice-looking bakery, which I later corroborated with the internet machine, I thought it’d be nice to go there for breakfast.

Next time: DID I???

Spoiler alert: no.