Hello, and welcome to the dooblydoo, aka the description. Or in this case, the blog post. (I think Wheezy Waiter coined the term, but it is in common use among other youtubers, like the vlogbrothers.)

Anyway, welcome! As you surely saw above, I’m changing my update schedule for a little while, from twice per week (Mondays/Fridays) to once per week (Mondays). Besides my normal busy dayjob, I’m currently gearing up to move to Seattle in October (whether I’ll be able to keep my current dayjob and work remotely is still undetermined), and so I’m kind of busy with planning for that.

In addition, now that I’m done with comics documenting the entire first day of my trip, I want to compile them into a digital book type thing. I’m picturing it laid out all nice like a real book, with covers and all, and it would include my blog commentary with each strip as well. I’d like to include some extra content that isn’t on the site, like maybe some photos I took while I was there, or some kind of bonus content.. we’ll see what I come up with. Any suggestions for extra content you think would complement the compilation are welcome! : ) I’m thinking I’d sell it as a DRM-free PDF for a couple bucks, and maybe try submitting it to apps like Comixology. Who knows!

I’d want to do the same thing once I finish strips for days 2 and 3, and then once I finish the last half-day (and possibly an epilogue?), I’ll compile all 4 volumes into one finished project. Maybe I could even get it published??? 😮

Anyway, while I work on the PDF and the other things going on in my life, I’ll be updating the comic only on Mondays. Some non-TFI stuff could slip in between those updates, but I’m not committing to anything. =P Once things have settled down a bit, we’ll return to the original twice per week schedule. Bear with me!