Wah-wah. In the end, my morning plans were foiled by the nefarious Jet Lag. ::shakes fist at sky:: And even in Iceland, it seems like New Jersey sends its avatars of woe as stumbling blocks for all New Yorkers. ::more fist shaking:: But I didn’t let it get me down!! You’ll see, next time.

As I think I mentioned in my last update, when I compile the first day’s worth of comics into a digital book thing (should be ~38, possibly up to 41, depending on where I put the cut-off) , I’d like to include some extra content that isn’t on this site. So I’m putting out a call for suggestions of things you think would be cool to include after the strips.

Possible ideas so far include:

  • Photos I took while I was there
  • A little intro to the Icelandic language (since I’ve been taking classes for a few months now)
  • Perhaps some bonus strips about Iceland’s culture/history/folk legends (though if I do make these, they would almost definitely appear on the site, so they wouldn’t really be very “extra”)
  • Scans of some of my original notes from when I was on my trip, about what I was doing / initial strip sketches (on real paper, even)

Let me know if any/all/none of those sound appealing, or if you have any other ideas. Comments here or on facebook would both be 100% appreciated. : )