Oh man oh man oh man, we’re getting to the part where I HIKE ON A GLACIER!! It was so awesome. But you’ll see! : D

Nothing terribly interesting happens in today’s comic, but that’s bound to happen – tis the nature of the travelogue. I’m hoping comics like this will provide nice bridges when the whole story’s compiled into a cohesive volume. At least, that’s the plan. I caved and bought a charger at the hotel so I could charge my ipad, phone, and camera. I think it turned out to be a good clal.

I did sit in a crazy awesome chair in the lobby, and I was looking at a coffee table book called Icelandic Art Today, which was filled with a bunch of cool stuff. Then our guide Jón (pronounced “yone,” rhymes with “cone”) showed up! You will get to see him in the next comic. : )