And we’re off! The day trip I embark on in this comic involved a bunch of different things, but I won’t spoil them now. I booked it along with my flight and hotel, so I knew I’d have my 2nd day planned and taken care of. Jón (pronounced yone, rhyming with bone) was super friendly and adorable.

The glacier’s name, Sólheimajökull, is pronounced as such (get ready, this isn’t super easy without audio): the first part is “soul-hay-mah”.

The last bit gets pretty complicated. It’s the same ending as the name of the well-known volcano, Eyjafjallajökull. You can hear how that’s pronounced here. Here’s a more detailed explanation:

The j is pronounced like a y, and the Icelandic ö is the same sound as “eu” in the french “bleu”. So, “yeu,” I guess? Kull: the Icelandic “u” is pronounced how SOME people pronounce the “oo” in “roof”. Somewhere between the “oo” in “coop,” and the “u” in “ruff”. It’s not as long as the normal English “oo” (which is written “ú” in Icelandic). Lastly, a double-L in Icelandic makes a unique sound. You press your whole tongue against the roof of your mouth, prepare to let out a breath and let the pressure build for a moment, and then let out the breath on either side of your tongue while keeping the tip still against the roof of your mouth.

Altogether, soul-hay-mah-yeu-ku-ll.

There were 10 of us on the glacier hike trip in all, and I’ll introduce you to them soon. : )