Yes, this is Eve as in Adam and Eve of the Garden of Eden and all that. At first, I was going to draw Eve as a featureless generic woman of ambiguous skin tone, because what kind of woman would she even look like? But then I decided to make her look like a raving Mediterranean lunatic, because anyone in that book probably would, amirite?

What will follow on Monday is one actual version of the original myth of Icelandic Elves.. get excited. : )

Lastly, a little Icelandic pronunciation lesson:

1. Huldufólk: the “u” is somewhere between “uhh” and “oo”.. like an “oo” that isn’t as round? It’s hard to explain in text. :\ The f is pronounced more like a “v” here, and the ó is pronounced like the letter “O”. So, it’s sort of like, hool-doo-voe-lk.

2. Álfahól – the á is pronounced like “ow,” so “ál” is like “owl”. I think the f would be more v-ish here too, but I’m not 100% sure. Again, the ó is pronounced like the letter “O,” so you get owl-vah-hole.