Here’s a little comic about how I’m a shorty – only 5’5″. In fact, one of my older brothers used to call me “Shorty” for many years. I don’t think it ever really bothered me, though.

To answer a couple of potential questions: No, I’m not actually dating someone 6’3″ right now, and yes, I still prefer shorter guys. But height is less of an important factor to me these days.

Also, when I was living in Japan, I dated two guys (not at the same time) over the course of my time there. They were both taller than me. Lulz. : ) I’m pretty short here in the US, but I was only slightly below average over there. At least I had no problem finding clothes/socks/shoes that fit me! : D

If you’d like to read this comic vertically, I posted a vertical version at my DeviantArt, here:¬†

And if you’d like to see a color version, you can! Vertical:¬†Grid: