Hey all! No update today, because I AM IN ICELAND AGAIN AAHHHH!

The trip my ongoing comic Thoughts From Iceland is about, took place in December 2012. Now we are in December 2013, and I’ve planned an even more amazing trip. Last year, I went for just 3 and a half days – this year, I’ll be there for a full week! In fact, when this post goes up, I’ll already be there! I’ll be getting back December 14, so my plan is to have the comic resume December 20. However, there maaay be a surprise in the interim, so keep your eyes peeled. 😮

Anyway though, once this first project is completed, I am considering doing comics about my second trip! I’m considering a different format, though – less moment-to-moment/story-driven comic strips, and possibly more like single-illustration snapshots of individual experiences with an associated written description/story. Thoughts?