Hello! I am back in these united states as of last Saturday night. I look forward to going back to Iceland again some day, but for now, it’s nice to be home again. I was there for a full week, and it was pretty packed. Now I’ve just got to make it through this week at my day job, and I’ll have another nice break, as our office is closed between xmas and new year’s. Hopefully I’ll be able to make a lot of comics during my time off. ::crosses fingers:: >_>;

Now, observe this work of amazingness by the brilliant and wonderful Lucy Knisley! wow! amaze! such horse! Also, I love how she drew my hair. : ) And HOW CUTE IS THAT HORSE?? That devilish grin.

This is indeed a factoid I once relayed to Lucy! And while I was in Iceland last week, I heard it said another couple times: “Icelandic horses’ walk is so stable, you can carry a full glass of beer while you’re riding, and not spill any of it.”

Well, I can now confirm that that is not true. Or at least, it wasn’t true for my horse, Ljósi. There was definitely a lot of bouncing up and down during the normal walk (though perhaps less so than on a normal horse – I don’t know, I’m no equestrian); and there was more bouncing when we sped up a bit. It was also not beer-carringly stable when my horse CHARGED AHEAD and almost threw me to my certain death at one point.