Oh my goodness, what a night. When I got back to my hotel, it was about 1:30-2ish. Eesh. =_=;; But I survived! Which I guess is the important part, or something.

THUS CONCLUDES DAY 2. I actually sort of hadn’t realized this would be the last comic for day 2 of my trip as I was writing it.. kinda feels like there should be more of a denouement, right? Well, it’s not the end of my trip/the story, so that’s probably not too important. I mean, I’m assuming everyone would prefer I jump into what I did the next day, rather than spend another strip on, “I was so tired and I went to bed.” So there you have it. : )

I guess that means the comic is about halfway done! Wow. It’s taken about 10 months to get here. >_>; Part of the reason is that I had to switch to a once/week update schedule for a while, and though I was recently able to get back on a twice/week schedule, I’d really like to be able to speed up my production times further. I don’t know that that’s even possible with my dayjob, but we’ll see how the new year goes!

What do you think of the comic so far? Likes/dislikes? Favorite parts? What would you like to see more/less of? If you have any opinions, please let me know on the facebook page, via my twitter, or in the comments below. Though the comments here will not send you an email if I respond to your comment, so that is the least convenient option for everybody. :\