Happy new year! This is the first strip of 2014, hooray! Last Monday’s comic was not only the last strip of 2013, but also the last strip about day 2 of my 3.5-day trip. So today begins day 3! I shared some thoughts about what I accomplished as a cartoonist over on the facebook page, and I encourage you to give it a read (it’s pretty short), and give me your thoughts. I’m very excited for finishing the comic, which I’m sure I’ll do this year, seeing as I’m more than halfway done.

More exciting news: I’ve sent files to a printer to make booklets of all 40 comics comprising day 1 of the story, including some extra content like a couple preview comics of day 2, photos from my trip, and a drawn map of where I went in Iceland/Reykjavik. I’m super excited about these, and I will definitely share pics once the printing process is completed. I’ll be receiving proofs in a couple different paper types, and then once I choose what I think is most appropriate, we can print the whole batch. I’m getting 100. 😮 I plan on also figuring out how to format the digital file for distribution via various online channels, and I will most definitely let you know when there are updates on that. At the very least, I plan on putting it up as a PDF download on gumshoe for a buck or two, with a “pay as much as you feel it’s worth” option. Not exactly pay what you want, but the minimum will be pretty low. Not sure if it makes more sense to make that just the high-res PDF, or if it should be a .zip of various formats, like pdf, mobi, epub, etc. If you have a preference let me know!

In addition, since all the strips are now complete for day 2, I can start laying that out for printing as well! And I’ve even designed a cover for it, which in my opinion, I think is much better than the cover for day 1. =P I’m sure I’ll be posting that here some time soon for you to see.

These pieces of news are especially exciting because it means I’ll have booklets for both Day 1 and Day 2 ready for the 2 conventions I’ll be tabling at this year: MoCCA Fest and TCAF. And I’m not 100% sure, but I think if I can increase my production rate a bit, from 2/week to 2.5 or 3/week, I may be able to finish Day 3 for convention season too! This is pretty ambitious, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish it all and get a batch printed and shipped to me by April, but I think there is a possibility.

Exciting times!