Mmmm foood! The breakfast at Café Loki was great. Let me tell you about all the things! Starting from the upper-left of the plate, and going clockwise:

– Smoked trout on rúgbrauð (Icelandic steamed rye bread), with a small dollop of cottage cheese on top. Very tasty, the trout tasted very much like salmon, so since it was smoked, it was pretty much lox. I wouldn’t have though to put cottage cheese on it, which was a nice addition.

Harðfiskur (wind-dried fish) with butter. They’re a good snack, and better with butter. They’re a bit chewy, kind of tough. If you get a chance, I highly recommend trying some! They’re supposed to be quite healthy.

– Mashed fish on rúgbrauð. The mashed fish was delicious. It had the consistency of very cream mashed potatoes, and was spiced well.

– (In the small center ramekin) Hákarl, Icelandic fermented shark. As I wrote in the comic, it was weird. I wouldn’t say it was bad, but I wasn’t really interested in having another piece after I tried the first one. It came in little cubes/slices, with a toothpick to eat it with. The initial fish flavor disappeared pretty quickly after I chewed it, and then the flavor was like a stinky cheese.

– Lamb slices on buttered rúgbrauð. I had high hopes for this, since Iceland is known for its lamb. But unfortunately, it wasn’t that flavorful. It wasn’t bad, by any means – it was fine, just not amazing.

– Loki Tea: birch leaf, thyme and Icelandic moss (which is probably no different from regular moss, but, you know). It was nice and light. It tasted herbal, but not floral.

Trying new foods is fun! : D