Mmm… urea…

This guy was absolutely tickled pink getting to tell me that shark meat is toxic due to all the stored urea – AFTER I’d already tried it. Great joke! No, but seriously, it was fine. That’s the whole point of fermenting the shark, to un-poison it. It’s still pretty weird, though.

It’s worth noting a couple things:

Firstly, that to prepare Icelandic hákarl, it’s actually buried in sand/gravel, and covered to press the juices out. But I thought it was a funnier picture to have a grassy field with dorsel fins sticking out, so that’s what you get.

Secondly, pieces vary widely in their intensity. I tried it again during my recent (second) trip to Iceland, and that time, the experience was CRAZY INTENSE. It tasted REALLY strongly of ammonia, and felt like my whole head was getting blasted apart with acid or something. It was pretty crazy.

Now, I have a little story to tell you. Last Sunday night, disaster struck. While cleaning up my labyrinthian HDD, deleting duplicate files and old stuff I knew was backed up and didn’t really need on my main laptop, I got confused about which directory I was in, and accidentally shift-deleted my illustration folder, which not only contains one-off illustrations, but also a subfolder which contains all my comics – everything, including TFI, all original files, etc.

After working through the night, I was fortunately able to recover almost all the original PSDs for TFI – though about 3 or so are gone for good. I did manage to salvage high-res (print size) flat TIF files for every strip, including the strips I no longer have the original PSDs for. So, worse comes to worst, I can re-draw those 3 or so if I ever need to edit them for some reason, like a book or something.

So I can breathe a shaky sigh of relief for TFI. But I did lose a lot of original files for slightly older comics that I still use in minis. I’ve got the print-size PDF of those mini collections though, so at least I can still print those as I have in the past.. I just can’t edit the originals. And then I had a hundred nightmares. Stress! D: