Ta-daa! It’s the cover design for Day 2! What do you think?? : D

News update! I’ve ordered printed booklets for Day 1, and Day 2 – they’re separate books. Each includes a bit of extra content at the end, including a drawn map of the locations I went to that day, as well as some real-life photos of places and things I saw. This is very exciting! I received a proof from the printer for Day 1, and it came out great. I’ve given him the go-ahead to print both. They’re relatively small batches – just 100 each. Hopefully I’ll have to order more before too long. =P

I plan on selling them at MoCCA Fest in April, and TCAF in May. But before then, I’d like to determine a good way of selling them online. To start, I’ve made a Gumroad account, and uploaded the PDF of the Day 1 book. It is for sale! Here: http://gum.co/TFI1

That’s just an ebook, obviously. I’ll be uploading the PDF of Day 2 soon as well. But I need to determine how to sell the physical books online. I guess the first step would be to bring them to the post office to have them weighed, see if there are any flat-rate envelopes that’ll fit em nicely, and get shipping costs sorted. I wonder if I should sign up for stamps.com, which I’ve heard advertised on all the podcasts. I guess I’d be able to ship things from home? I don’t know, it’s all very complicated. >_>;

I’ve seen that some people sell comics on Etsy. I wonder if that’s a good idea? Hmm…