And, after a very brief absence, we’re back! As I posted on the Facebook page, my other life (see: full-time job and stuff) gobbled me up, and I was unable to update last Monday. Sorry, darlings! Here is your new comic, I hope you enjoy it.

The exhibit is called Reykjavík 871±2 was so cool! There were a bunch of artifacts that I didn’t write about in the comic, like super-old window frames, cloth, and all sorts of artifacts that’ve been dug up in the area. There’s a lot of interactivity there too, thanks to its being designed by Gagarin, a very cool Icelandic design firm. Why yes, I have tried to get a job there. No, it didn’t work out.

Before I left, I bought a bar of “christmas soap” from their gift shop. I was told about it by a fellow hiker the day before, and it smelled amaaazing. That was actually going to be the last panel of today’s comic, but I ended up presenting the poem’s translation instead, because the soap panel felt a bit disconnected, and the translation seemed more interesting and relevant to me. I may still draw that alternative 4th panel and post it by itself, though. Perhaps it’ll be included in the Extra Content section of Book 3..?

Speaking of which, I’ve got actual, physical, printed books of the strips comprising Day 1 and Day 2! Have I posted about that here? I forget. But I posted pictures to Facebook, so you can go check em out there, if you like. : )

I set up an Etsy store tonight (well, the night before this post’ll go live), and created a listing for Book 1, so if you’d like to purchase a physical copy of the comic, you can now do so! It includes some extra content not posted to the site, like a drawn map of where I went in the comics, as well as some photos I took on my trip, of places and things that ended up in the comic! Oh, and each purchase comes with a free Thoughts From Iceland postcard, fyi. : D

If you were hoping to pick up Book 1 and Book 2 together, don’t fret! I’ll be creating a listing for Day 2 within a day or two. : )