Bæjarins beztu pylsur (“the best hot dogs in town”) really does have the best hot dogs in town. They were scrumptious. I was also told to have them with a coke, but I didn’t do that part. :\ Sorry! I’ve heard coke in Iceland is better than here in the US, because it’s made with real sugar (like in Mexico too). Oh, well! I guess I missed out on an opportunity. The hot dog was still good, though!

In Icelandic, “one with everything” is “eina með öllu”. But you can just use English. =P

I have some sad news, friends. Somehow or other, I missed the deadline to register for this year’s MoCCA Fest (an indie comics convention in NYC). It’s in April, completely sold out, and has a waiting list 50 people long. So, unless some miracle comes through, I won’t be tabling there this year, which would have been my 4th. :\ I’ll still be at TCAF in May, though! That’s definitely happening. So if you’re in Toronto, come to TCAF – it’s fun and free! And I’ll be there! But it looks like it will be a Lonnie-less MoCCA this year. : (