I thought I was being sooo clever, let me tell you. “Oh, I’ll check out a local nerd store, and see what unique Icelandic twist they have on it there!” Nope, Nexus in Reykjavik just had your basic comics, Dungeons & Dragons books, and movie memorabilia. (Well, not JUST those things, but you know, the typical sort of comic shop wares).

And “Oh, I’ll go to a local mall! I bet I can find unique Icelandic stuff there that isn’t overpriced like at the souvenir shops!” Nope. Kringlan just had your normal CDs, video games, low- to high-end clothing, and miscellaneous housewares. Don’t get me wrong, some of the stuff was nice.. but not exactly Icelandic. I’m not sure if the word “kringlan” itself means “mall,” or if it’s just evolved to be used colloquially to mean mall.. but I’ve heard that people will use it that way, even if they aren’t going to that mall in particular.

Oh, well! Cake and coffee is always nice. : ) I quite enjoyed my soy latte at Kaffitár. Oh, and it was all decorated for Christmas too, which I enjoyed.