Okay, admission: the haggis was not delicious. And in my whale defense, both times I ate it, they were very small portions! Like, they had to have been 1/1,000th of the whole whale, or less! Yeah, I still feel bad. :\ But I promise I didn’t have any more whale after that. x_x;

Anyway, unfortunately, it looks like Frú Berglaug (Mrs. Berglaug) no longer exists. Bah! This is not the first time while drawing this comic that I found that a place I’d gone to in December 2012 is no longer around. For instance, when I went back in December 2013, I noticed that the location of Skífan, the music store, which I’d gone to was no longer there. But it’s a chain, so I assume others are still around. For example, I’d also noticed one in the mall I mentioned in a comic the other day. And if I recall correctly, they had an ecommerce site, so.. that means they’ve gotta be kinda big, right? Well, now I’m off-topic.

Anyway, dinner was mostly delicious. The unlabeled item on the plate, smjör, is an Icelandic brand of butter – it means butter, in fact. And more sad news! My local Whole Foods used to stock it, but recently stopped. Bah again!