Oops I kept eating things. :\ But they were delicious!

Exciting news! Day 1 of Thoughts From Iceland has been accepted by ComiXology for sale through their app/service! It won’t actually be ready for purchase for a little while (their tech elves need to set up the files in special ways), but this is an exciting step! Once it does go live, I’ll submit Day 2 as well. : )

In other news, I’ve dropped off sample copies of Day 1 and Day 2 at Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn, and I’m told the owner will take a look at them this weekend. I hope they get put on the shelf, sold, and restocked. : )

I’m not sure if I mentioned this in an earlier post, but there is one copy of each book at Desert Island Comics as well, so if you wanna pick em up, they are possibly still available. And I think there should still be a couple copies at JHU in midtown. So, the comic’s getting on some shelves! Woo! Buy them? : D

One more thing I forget whether I’ve posted about already or not: tragically, I won’t be tabling at MoCCA Fest this year. I think when registration time came around, I thought I was going to be moving to Seattle by the end of last October, and probably figured I wouldn’t be around for it, come April. So the registration deadline came and went. Blergh. :\

But I’ll definitely be at TCAF in Toronto in May, so do come say hello if you’re there! Oh, and in terms of conventions where many nerds will be gathering in the near future, I’ll be visiting PAX East in May, so if you’re gonna be there and would like me to bring comics to sell you in person, contacting me via facebook or twitter, and I will be sure to do so. : )