Yay, things that smell nice! The company that made the nice lotion and shower gel is Soléy, and they are a lovely Icelandic company. This is the hand lotion I got for my mom, and this is the shower gel I got for myself, though my bottle came with a little hand soap-style pump on top.

The hotel I stayed at was stocked with Soléy shower gel and shampoo, and it smelled soooo nice, I got some to bring home. I was sad when I finished it, but over a year later, I actually just picked some more up a couple weeks ago, at a newly opened local Scandinavian cafe in Greenpoint, Brooklyn called Búðin. If you’re in the area, I definitely recommend it – it’s a lovely, comfortable space, and they’ve got specialty coffees from various Scandinavian countries. And they sell many cool gifts from Iceland and elsewhere. : )

Oh, and chocolate kleinur are delicious, especially from Kornið. : )

(And here’s their Facebook!)