Fun fact: I didn’t end up getting to the National Museum on my first OR second times in Iceland. The first time, it was the last morning of my trip (as depicted in this strip), and I couldn’t seem to figure out where it was physically located according to my map, for some reason. I was in a bit of a rush to get everything done and get back to my hotel before my bus left for the airport around noon or 1. So I just gave up after a bit of wandering around, and falling and hurting my knee/foot. >_<

The second time, I DID find the place, but it was closed that particular day of the week, and I didn’t end up having time before I left Iceland to go back and try again. At least it’s a reason to go back again, eh! : )

Also, don’t worry – my iPad was fine. (Whew!) I shielded it with my body. Priorities, right? x_x;