Exciting news! On Wednesday, March 26 – in less than a week! – my first book will go live for sale on Comixology! Probably between 9-10 AM EST. I’ll post a specific link once it’s working. Wow! You’ll be able to get Day 1, which features all comics taking place during the first day of my trip – which totals 40 – plus some extra content that I haven’t posted online, including drawn maps and real photos from my trip.

You can use Comixology via web browsers, iOS, or Android devices. But do note that if you buy comics via iOS devices, such as iPhones or iPads, Apple takes a huge (30%) cut of all the money you spend, before it goes and gets split between Comixology and comic creators. So if you use Comixology, it really helps creators if you make your purchases via their site, or an Android device. Just FYI.

I submitted book 2 to Comixology as well, and I assume it will be approved, since Book 1 was. But when it actually is, I’ll be sure to let you know. : )

Anyway, cafes are nice, eh? =P