Big news, everyone! Last Wednesday, Day 1 of Thoughts From Iceland went live on ComiXology! It’s so cheap, even! And crisp, high-resolution goodness for your Android or iOS devices, your Windows Phones, or even your plain ol’ web browsers – ComiXology is good to go on all of em.

Get it here:

PLEASE NOTE, HOWEVER: since you’ve got one account that’ll sync anywhere you sign in, you can purchase comics via any of those platforms – but if you do so via an iOS device, Apple takes a huge 30% cut right off the top, before any money goes to the creators, or ComiXology. So, if you’re planning on picking up a copy (thank you!! please rate it!!), doing so via a non-apple interface would be awesome. But, you know, whatever’s convenient for you. : D

Your regularly scheduled travelogue will resume Monday. : )

Oh, and fyi of course, the book contains a bit of extra content not published to the site. And stuff.