Keflavík International Airport is all arted up, you guys. Art’s just all over the damn place, it’s lovely. Outside the building, inside the building.. mmph. Art!

Rainbow by Rúri was so totally lovely and magical. And as a gay, who grew up in a rather anti-gay environment, it pretty much always makes me happy to see rainbow stuff. : )

When I saw the Jet Nest by Magnús Tómasson, I totally thought it was supposed to be a gigantic hatching dinosaur egg, and the tail’s sticking out. Turns out, it’s an actual jet wing sticking out! Which is also very cool – like, yeah, the airport is where plains live and are born. And putter around and learn to fly. Adorable.

Oh, and the lava fields – so, just to clarify: magma is the crazy glowing red-orange death goop. Lava is the rock it turns into after it cools. So when I saw we drove through a lava field, I don’t mean it was some kind of crazy action movie where we need to escape from an exploding island. Less exciting than that, but still looked really cool. And there’s this unique moss that grows on lava rocks. I think that may even be the kind of moss you can get tea made out of there, though I don’t know for sure and am too lazy to actually look into it at the moment. Honesty is the best policy, everybody.

Ah! I’m at the airport now! But wait for it, because this story is definitely not over yet. : )