And then we all took a picture together!!! And thus concludes my serendipitous meeting of Jónsi and Alex. Amazing!

I would like to remind everyone who is planning on attending the comics festival/fair/convention in Toronto, TCAF, that I’ll be tabling there for the first time this year (!!!), and it’s coming up in just a few weeks – May 10-11. So come say hi and buy all my shit! : D And if you somehow weren’t aware of the show but will happen to be in Toronto that weekend, come by! Because it’s awesome and free. At least, entry is, anyway.

Speaking of conventions, I have decided to try to attend as many conventions as possible this year. Please let me know which comics-related conventions are your favorite(s), and/or that you’d most recommend I try getting a table at. Comment below on at the facebook page. : )