Fortunately, I did not have all my delicious Icelandic treats confiscated by Uncle Sam. Whew. That would have been quite tragic.

Reminder! Alert! News flash and so forth! In less than 2 weeks, TCAF will be upon us, and I will be tabling thereat and selling various wares! Including 2 new prints – both 11×17, one of this illustration of a glacier (sans text box), and this 4-panel sunrise (also sans text).

Speaking of, how should I describe the latter, artistically? As you probably know, a 3-panel piece of art is a “triptych”. But a 4-panel piece can be called a tetraptych, or a quadriptych, according to the encyclopedic wiki. I think I’m leaning more towards “quadriptych,” since it’s more easily recognizable as part of that family. I feel like tetraptych sounds like some kind of flying dinosaur. Which is also cool, don’t get me wrong.