Turns out, it’s actually really difficult to find Icelandic classes! I guess that makes sense, seeing as how the country itself only has about 300k people. But I figured there’d at least be A class at SOME college in New York. I hear there’s only like one college in the country that offers Icelandic classes, and it’s only available to students in the Masters program of linguistics.

Fortunately, at a place here in NYC called the Scandinavia House, there’s a lovely lady who offers Icelandic group and private lessons! She herself is Icelandic, but she now lives here. The Scandinavia House has a restaurant (which I’ve yet to try, but always smells delicious) and a gift shop on the ground floor, as well as an art gallery with regularly changing exhibits.

And then I started taking Icelandic classes. 😮

Final reminder! TCAF is this weekend (May 10-11) in Toronto! I’ll be there, at table 248.