Hello! Sorry there was no comic last Monday – I flew back from TCAF in Toronto on a 6 am flight Monday morning, and then had work that day.. which meant I had to be at the airport at 4 am the night before, and take a 3 am bus, which basically means I didn’t sleep last Sunday night. And I basically didn’t sleep the Friday night before because I was so excited/nervous/happy/anxious for TCAF. And then I was busy all weekend at…. my first TCAF (as an exhibitor). It was SUPER GREAT!! I think it was my first convention at which I more than broke even! Which is, you know, kind of a big step for a cartoonist. 😮 So hooray for that!

But, as a result, I didn’t have any chances to make last Monday’s comic. So, here it is! Enjoy it! You’re welcome! It’s got all sorts of neat stuff: a new hair-do, some classmates from my Icelandic class, and my wonderful teacher Hildur!

This may surprise you to know, but today is the SECOND-TO-LAST Thoughts From Iceland strip! Monday’s will be THE END!!!


So, what’s next? Well, my immediate plan is to layout a 3rd book to collect the last third of the story, and get that printed so that I’ll have all 3 books for the next cons I go to. And beyond that, I want to create one single volume which collects the whole story.. but I’ll have to see how I should go about getting that printed…

As for future comics, well… more about that on Monday. : )

Oh, and the title of this comic means, “Nice to meet you.”