Well, here we are, after a year and a half: the end of Thoughts From Iceland. I hope you enjoyed it! : )

So, what’s next? Well, besides laying out a 3rd book, as well as a single volume collecting the whole thing, I plan on also creating a couple supplemental things for the one-book compilation. I think I’ll make an Icelandic pronunciation guide to put at the beginning of the book, as well as an illustrated glossary of terms. I think that’d be cute.

This was my first real, substantial, long-form comic project, and I’m really happy with how it turned out! I plan on going to a LOT of conventions this year, and promoting/selling TFI. That should be a lot of fun. : D In the meantime though, I plan on taking it a bit easier for a little while. I spent the last year and a half posting new comics once or twice a week, depending on circumstances – and with a full-time job, that doesn’t leave much time for much else. You guys, I JUST bought a PS3. That is not a typo. I now finally own the third generation of Sony’s video game console. Needless to say, I bought Last of Us along with it. Which is to say, I’ve got some catching up to do.

In terms of new comics projects, the next thing I plan on creating is currently called “A Knack For Languages” (working title). I don’t think it’s going to be book-length, but it might be a good book chapter, or something for an appropriate anthology, if one comes along. I’ve got most of the script done, and I want to do this one a bit more methodically than I did TFI. With TFI, I was basing the whole thing on notes I took on my trip, so in one sense, I did have the entire story, an outline, and various details, all ready to pull from for each strip. But at any given time, I was only a few scripts ahead of the strips I had to draw for a given week.

For this next project, I want to finish the script, and then finish thumbnails for the whole thing before I start making actual pages. That’s another difference – I plan on drawing it as pages, rather than strips. So there’s that.

Oh, but you’re probably wondering about the synopsis. Basically, when I was growing up, I thought I was just really terrible at languages. But at this point, I think learning languages has more to do with a few important factors, rather than innate ability.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering if there’ll ever be a sequel to this comic about my second trip: I’m not sure! My second trip was also great, but it didn’t lend itself as naturally to a clear story arc as my first trip, and it’d feel a bit repetitive after this one. I think if I did do a project about my second trip, it’d probably be a series of one-off illustrations of particular experiences, with an a bit of accompanying text explaining the story behind each one.

Anyway, I’ll hopefully be posting here again soon. : )