Oh, hello! It’s nice to see you all again. I didn’t thin I’d have anything in particular to post today, but along came this [ We Love Fine / WoTC / Dungeons & Dragons ] t-shirt design contest, and here we are! Honestly, the contest description was pretty vague, and all I could parse was:

1. T-shirt design

2. DnD

3. Preferably (but not necessarily?) related to the 5-headed dragon queen Tiamat

I got the idea that a sort of facts and figures infographic about Tiamat might make a cute/funny t-shirt design. But I guess that’ll be up to the voters! Here’s my design which I submitted, and I’ll link to the gallery page on the contest site once it’s approved and goes up. The line-up of judges is great, including Dan Harmon and Scott Kurtz. The voting period will be June 4 – July 2, and I’ll be sure to post a little reminder to go vote. : ) Anyhow, let me know what you think!