Hoooooo boy. After much delay, many distractions, lots of dayjob workstuff, flying to Seattle to interview for a new job (I’ll be moving there at the end of October!), a couple weddings, and various other miscellaneous detours, I have FINALLY finished my second Art Assignment comic. The last page actually took the longest, just because there were so many weeks where I just couldn’t get back to it! So it sat on my computer, languishing with only 4 out of the 5 pages completed.

BUT NOW, IT’S FINALLY DONE! Do you like it? Thoughts? Anyone reading do this one too?

The Art Assignment’s second art assignment, very appropriately titled Stakeout, was assigned by Deb Sokolow.

The comic for this assignment turned out to be a couple pages shorter than the last one. I’m looking forward to seeing how much the length of the comics will end up being. I think the next assignment, which is to create a GIF of something important, will be very quick and easy to do. But I wonder how long the comic will be, because I imagine it’ll be much more about the subject of the GIF, and why it’s significant to me, than the actual process of creating it. That part’ll be easy.

Time will tell! I sure it doesn’t take me another 2.5 months to do this next one. :<