After a couple months of looking for a new job, getting a new job, moving across the country (NY to Seattle!), and related transitional periods, I’ve finally gotten back to arting. I hope (FINGERS CROSSED) to do a kickstarter-style thing (maybe even hopefully in early 2015?) to create a full one-volume book of my Thoughts From Iceland travelogue. The plan is for it to not only include everything from the 3 smaller books I currently sell at cons and on my Etsy and stuff, but to also include a bunch of new illustrations, each coupled with related anecdote(s), from the second trip I took to Iceland a year later. The best part is if I can print a larger number at once (like 1-2k, rather than 100 like I’ve done with the smaller books), I can sell each one for a LOT less. That’d be awesome.

This is the first illustration I’ve done – it’s the outside door to the hostel I stayed at, KEX, which is a converted former cookie factory (!!!). It’s a cool place in downtown Reykjav√≠k, which I will talk more about in text accompanying this illustration in the book.

I hope to post more of these as I do them. : ) Has anyone reading been to KEX? What’d you think? : D