So my relatively new, and really very cool Kiwi bud, Sam Orchard is doing this thing he’s calling “Fanuary,” where he intends to draw something he’s a fan of each day of January.


So I figured I’d try giving it a go! No promises there will actually be any additional Fanuary entries after this one, or if there are, that I will spend as much time on them, but HERE’S ONE! Miles Morales, the very awesome current Ultimate Spider-Man!

(You thought I was kidding about just doing various Spider-Men, didn’t you, Sam? Spider-Manuary is real!)

I recently picked up an insane bundle on ComiXology of like, all the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, and finally finished the Peter Parker ones, and am now reading the Miles Morales issues, and I’m loving it. So well done! I even picked up a cross-over where Miles meets Peter through wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey dimension shenanigans, at a local comic shop called Phoenix Comics & Games, which – by the way – is now stocking my comic Thoughts From Iceland. So, hooray for everything!