Today’s watercolors are from when I went to an Icelandic cooking class (taught in English) at Salt Eldhús (“Salt Kitchen”) in Reykjavík. It was so much fun! I got there sooo late though, because I had a lot of trouble finding the place. :\ But I didn’t miss it entirely, and got to pitch in with some of the cooking, and then I also got to eat all the delicious food with the group. : )

Anyway, today there’re five illustrations for the price of one! Or really the price of nothing, because you are looking at this for free. Not a bad deal.

To the left, we have me doing a little “what am I even?” pose I made for a pic someone took of me while I was mashing rutabagas.

To the right, the top-left was a woman whose name I forgot, who was a firefighter in Washington, DC. In the top-right is our teacher, Auðúr! (Pronounced “oyther”.) She was awesome. Really nice and fun, and the space she put together for the classes is really lovely. The bottom row is an adorable couple who, if I remember correctly, lived on a house boat somewhere in the US. I want to say somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, but I might be making that part up. I don’t remember their names either. >_>;

If this kind of thing sounds up your alley, and you’re taking a trip to Reykjavík, I highly recommend considering taking a class there. You can even book em on Iceland Air’s website if you’re putting together a vacation package over there.. that’s how I found it in the first place. : )