One morning, I stopped at a Te og Kaffi (“Tea and Coffee”) – the Starbucks of Iceland – and actually ordered in Icelandic! The kind barista very generously spoke Icelandic with me, despite basically everyone in Reykjavik being fluent in English. I got a chocolate croissant and one of their holiday drinks (a latte involving licorice syrup, among other things), and oggled a couple cute guys sitting nearby. >_>;

Art-wise, I feel like I maybe shouldn’t have inked these. I think I liked them better before I put in the lines. (I’ve been penciling these, then watercoloring, then inking.) Oh well, learning experience!

This actually brings me about a third of the way through my list of illustrations I want to do of stuff from my 2nd trip to Iceland. I’m hoping, if I can keep up a good pace, I might be able to get all the extra content done, and the new book laid out, some time in Feb? Then I can start getting estimates for printing costs, and maybe even launch the kickstarter by March?! That would be crazy. x_x;