This was our tour guide, Anna, when I went on a daytrip through the Golden Circle. It’s a touristy route in South Iceland hitting three main destinations (with some minor ones available too), and looping back to Reykjavik. The main draws are :

1. Þingvellir National Park, which was where the Icelandic parliament met from 930 till 1798
2. A waterfall, Gullfoss
3. An area containing the now-inactive geyser named Geysir (the English word comes from it), as well as an active one called Strokkur

It was super fun and interesting, and Anna was a great guide. Also, I think she was the only one in the group whose age was within like 40 years of mine. PLUS, I got to practice a tiny bit of Icelandic with her. Yay. : )